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With most vehicles, the DPF warning light will illuminate to notify you that the unit is becoming blocked and requires regeneration. When conditions are met for regeneration, it will attempt to burn off the built-up soot using either an active or passive regeneration. If the regeneration is unable to occur or fails you may be treated to an additional warning light on your dash. This usually occurs when the DPF is blocked beyond the point at which a normal regeneration will clear it and indicates a garage visit is required.

  • Loss of power?
  • DPF Warning light on?
  • Your vehicle is in limp mode?
  • Frequent attempts at DPF regeneration?
  • DPF regeneration is failing?
  • Strong smell of diesel?
  • Vehicle smoking excessively?
  • Oil level increasing?
  • High fuel consumption?

Auto Code has years of experience in Auto Fault Finding diagnostics, DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters) deletes, ECU Re-mapping and performance tuning on all makes of Vehicles, especially European cars and commercial vehicles. We have the highest quality performance tuning solutions for most vehicles, ensuring the best driving experience, while consistently providing customer satisfaction. If you love driving your vehicle, why not try an Auto Code Performance tune. You can expect to save 5-20% in fuel depending on your tune type and the way you drive. It’s up to you how far you would like to take your performance tune-up, and if you are not happy with the tune, we can always put your vehicle back to standard.

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